Endless possibilities made easy!

MiMi Foods was established in 2001, in response to the needs of the ever growing Pizza industry. Realizing this niche, and in order to service these needs, MiMi Foods created a consistent, high-quality product for companies in the Food Service & Grocery industries to easily attain a Pizza Dough and Pizza Program, to service their evermore quality demanding customers. By 2004, MiMi moved into a 25,000 square foot facility, and in 2012 expanded to 36,000, to further respond to the industry's needs. MiMi now manufactures dough in the forms of frozen raw, frozen par-baked, and frozen fully-baked products, tailored to your needs.
MiMi Foods has come to be known through the most-trusting method, "Word of Mouth", as the manufacturer of choice for high-quality, traditional, "Artisan" style dough. Our state of the art facility is only semi automatic, as we leave the important finishing steps to the traditional manual tender loving care and attention that our products and your customers need and deserve. Our R&D department is open to working closely with significant volume customers to produce proprietary and customized products.
MiMi's success is due to our commitment to high quality, consistent, unequaled service, and constant research and development to better its products.

Mike Primucci
MiMi Foods- President

Mimi Foods